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One of our landscape designers will meet you as part of out free consultation offer to discuss your project in detail, following that we will complete the following steps:

  • Site survey – this will identify the plants or features that you wish to retain.  Any underground or overhead services and garden boundaries. Along with the levels of your garden this will form the basis of the Layabout plan

  • Concept animation – from the initial consultation, this animation is a translation of your ideas onto the computer screen

  • 3D proposal – samples of colours, materials and styles gathered together to show the relationship within the design. 3D proposal plans provide an indicative view of the proposal, giving a “life like” representation of what the garden would look like when completed.

  • Final layout plans – this will be the exact design you have chosen.

  • Planting plans – your design will be complete with beautiful plants and shrubs, chosen to complement and enhance your relaxing outdoor space


Working with our trade partners at Provender Nurseries we can offer a huge range of plants at discounted prices.

Orders placed through Nectan Garden design will receive significant discounts on the listed retail prices listed,

We provide planting plans and offer landscaping services to improve soil, create beds and borders and help with the planting if required.

114 Yeats Dr Planting Plan1024_2_edited.jpg
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